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Our Services

Market Intelligence:

Commodities Daily Briefing: daily fundamental and technical analysis report on LME Metals, precious metals, energy and currencies
Steel Insider: bi-weekly monitoring and fundamental analysis on carbon steel market
Trading Desk Real Time: real time news and analysis service on LME Metals, precious metals, energy and currencies
Commodities Monthly Briefing: customized monthly technical and fundamentals report according clients’s needs.
Commodities Rolling Forecast: quarterly average price estimates on LME Metals and steel up to 18 months updated on a monthly basis

Risk Management:

Hedging Advisory: audio/video conference calls and/or in-house meeting on commodities/forex outlook according to clients' requests
Introducing Brokerage: we offer clients direct access to the most liquid commodities exchanges of the word (LME, SHFE, CME, DGCX) thanks to our commercial agreements with the most known istitutional brokers on a worldwide basis. Our job is to indicate to our clients the best package offered by the different brokers as far as prices, commissions and credit lines are concerned.


T-Workshop: external and in-house seminars on commodities hedging techniches and pricing mechanism